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Demonic Possession: Is It Real?
A Yale-Educated Psychiatrist Weighs In
By Dorraine Fisher

Any of you who have followed my work with The Crypto Crew have probably read some of my articles and seen my podcasts. And you probably know that I tend to push the envelope of science just a bit. To me, science is limited. It only goes as far as what can actually be seen. And then, there are many of us, like me, that have come to realize, often the hard way, that there are many things in this world that as yet can’t be explained. As well as many things that are believed to exist but can’t always be seen. So, of course, it fascinates me to read about a scientist who’s witnessed some very unusual phenomena first hand and is forced to stray outside the scientific method and imagine that many things in the world aren’t always black or white.

Richard Gallagher, a board-certified psychiatrist and a professor of clinical psychiatry at New York Medical College is just such a scientist. After years of working with a priest/exorcist in hundreds of mental health cases involving individuals afflicted with supposed “demonic possession,” he’s been forced to reevaluate his beliefs on the subject, and said so freely in an article for the Washington Post a couple of weeks ago.

Gallagher, a Yale-educated psychiatrist, did not give into his new beliefs willingly, but was asked nearly 30 years ago by this priest/exorcist to evaluate a patient’s state of mental health. A patient who was believed at the time to be demon-possessed. And they had some success, obviously, as this unlikely partnership has continued all this time. Dr. Gallagher has helped filter out many cases of mental illness, that he claims make up a good portion of these cases, from the cases he is unable to explain as mental disorders, or the so-called “devil’s work.”

And when asked what he actually believed about the concept of demonic possession after years of analysis and thought and in spite of his scientific education, the doctor had this to say:
Most of my scientific colleagues and friends say no, because of their frequent contact with patients who are deluded about demons, their general skepticism of the supernatural, and their commitment to employ only standard, peer-reviewed treatments that do not potentially mislead (a definite risk) or harm vulnerable patients. But careful observation of the evidence presented to me in my career has led me to believe that certain extremely uncommon cases can be explained no other way.

But I ask, how do they discern the difference?

After a long google search for a scientific explanation of demonic possession, it became abundantly clear to me that science rejects the subject overall and hesitates greatly to offer any scientific explanation for this possibility. Or maybe they just can’t come up with one. But those who witness these supposed possessions make very consistent claims of the victims speaking languages that weren’t previously known to them, isolated cases of levitation, and expressions of knowledge the victim did not previously have. These included personal information about certain individuals involved in the case, including their whereabouts, how their loved ones died, or their secret sins. All of these are things that can’t be explained away as mental illness. All of these depend on some psychic or preternatural ability, according to Gallagher.

So, this goes back to how I often say that those who actually witness these phenomena while having the education to prop themselves up are sometimes the ones who bravely cross over the bridge into the unknown, throw their hands up in the air, and say they’ve seen some weird things and they can’t intelligently and in good conscience discount them, no matter what their education might dictate.
To this, Doctor Gallagher said, “I have personally encountered these rationally inexplicable features, along with other paranormal phenomena. My vantage is unusual: As a consulting doctor, I think I have seen more cases of possession than any other physician in the world.

The doctor explained that some patients exhibit symptoms of what is known as pseudo-possession in which the patient identifies with possession and interprets his or her personally destructive feelings as a possession. These patients are deemed psychotic. But then there are the other types that might suddenly begin speaking perfect Latin.

And the doctor did stress that when he gives his evaluation, he never claims the patient/victim is “possessed” per se. He only informs the clergy that he can see no medical explanation for his or her symptoms and behavior.

In recent years, the clergy has tried to stay more on the side of science, but the demand for help with demonic possessions seems to be growing in spite of this. And it that’s the case, more psychiatric professionals will be called upon to aid in these highly controversial matters. And although this is just one psychiatrist making these claims, it could represent others who haven’t dared come forward with their new thoughts on the matter...yet.

It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for this belief that doesn’t seem to die in the modern world. But you can bet, I’ll be watching.

He has an upcoming book on demonic possession in the works and you can read the entire article by Dr. Richard Gallagher in the Washington Post HERE.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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Mock up picture - Not actual photo. Used for reference only.
I got the following report in a couple days ago. It is an interesting report and is something many people have reported seeing.

Here is the report.

- Start Report -

Name: Debbie ****

Email Address: on file

State: ky

County: bell

Date of Sighting: 1987-88

Time of Day: night

Nearest Town: pineville

Length of Sighting: overtime

How many Witnesses: 2

Any Photos/Videos: yes but i don't have them with me.

Describe sighting in detail:
In the 1980s I had move into my grandmothers house. I lived there when I was a young girl before my grandparents lived there and loved it but the people who lived in the house last did not take care of it and keep it up. The roof leaked and the paint was gone off the outside,and windows were busted. The two back doors didn't have any locks, so I had to make my own locks with two boards and nails.

My cousin kept saying he thought he would see shadows go back in forth through the living room and kitchen part when he was brushing his hair. My husband said he thought he saw things in the corner of his eye at that time. I did not have cable and the TV signed off at 11:30. When I had a fire built in the fire place, my husband hadn't got home yet, the kids were in bed. At that time I smoked cigarettes, I always blew the smoke at the fire place but I noticed that night the smoke wasn't going into the fireplace and keep going in a circle and into the next room. I kept feeling like someone was starring at me. So the TV signed off and I got up to turn it off. The smoke had surrounded the shape of something through the door way starring at ME through the mirror, which was by the doorway. It looked like it had long stringy hair, hollow black eyes, big long teeth and claws. I screamed god help me Jesus and turned the light back on, and kept it on till my husband got there. We didn't see anything else that night but whole time I lived in that house I became very sick and lost a lot of weight, I weighed about 75 pounds. I couldn't eat or sleep, always got very nervous, felt like I was losing my mind.

I begin to hear something make a tapping noise across the kitchen floor. I thought it may be a big rat and I sat out all kinds of poison but nothing stopped it. So, I thought what if its a snake. I took a flashlight to bed with me so I could turn it on when I heard the noise to see if I could find out what it was. There was a street light that shined through the window a few houses away so when I turned around to turn the flash light on I saw a shadow about four foot tall coming across the floor making the tapping noise. It was a shape of my grandmother with a headscarf and carrying two plates coming in my direction. I screamed no I don't want anything keep it and threw the cover over my head for a few minutes and then looked again nothing was there. Then I heard a very scary voice say why don't you just put the pillow over your head and suffocate yourself to death because no one loves you or cares about you anyway, so you might as well kill yourself and get it over with. Then I heard another calm voice saying your children love you, your dad and aunt, husband loves you and I love you. Who will raise your children right. I told the voice that spoke to me, no I will not do it (kill myself) to get away from me and leave me along. And it was like a bee hive going off in my head.
I saw all kinds of lights flashing going off like an explosion.

The next day I was standing on my porch and some people drove by in a truck and came back and talk to me and said that the lord had told them to come and pick me up that there was a revival at church and said I could come if I wanted to. I told them I would go and at the church service that night when they made the altar call there was so many people there that I could not get out of the aisle. So I lifted my hands and said God, if you don't help me I'm going to die and there will be no one to raise my children right. I felt like a warm fire came over me and I did not know what it was, it scared me and I started to ask someone what it was. I just lifted my hands and continued to thank the lord. Very shortly after that I moved out of the house and began to feel so much better right away. I have pictures of that house that was talking at night and there was like light coming out of the windows that looked like hands. There were three of them that came all over the house. There is a lot more to the house but if you want to hear more I can tell you later.
Thank you for your time

- End Report -

It sure sounds like there was something going on in that old house. I'm sure I have read about other cases where the person experienced weigh loss due to paranormal activity.

I can understand where Debbie is coming from, I lived in a house that had activity in it. That activity is still happening today. I hope to tell all about that at some point.

Also, I have ask Debbie for the photos she talked about in her report. If she is able to get them to me, I will update the post to include them.

Thanks goes to Debbie for telling us about some of her experiences with the spirit world. 


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet

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a talkin' dog?
By reading the title of this post many people will quickly think about the numerous youtube videos where a dog is made to talk. But for me and maybe others around my age group, I quickly think about an episode of  The Andy Griffith Show titled "A man's best friend". In the episode Opie and his friend place a small walkie talkie under a dogs collar and "make it talk" to Goober. In the course of the show they or I should say the "Dog" makes Goober do silly things. It's a funny episode but not all stories about talking dogs are funny. In fact some are very serious and down right scary.

I'm sure almost everyone has heard of The Son of Sam murders. If not, here is a short over view.


David Richard Berkowitz, also known as the Son of Sam and the.44 Caliber Killer. He killed 6 people and wounded seven others. His murder spree started in July of 1976. He eluded the police and taunted them by leaving notes at the crime scenes promising more murders. One note read "I am a monster, I am the Son of Sam." Berkowitz was a pudgy overweight 24 year old postal worker who mostly targeted young attractive women with long dark hair for his victims.

Berkowitz was arrested in August of  1977, this is when things really got weird. He told fantastic tales of demons and get this, a talking dog. The dog was a black Labrador retriever named Harvey. According to Berkowitz, he had been commanded by Harvey (the dog) to commit murder. At this point it would be really easy just to say "the guy is a nut" and let it go, but Berkowitz had more to add to the talking dog story.

Berkowitz confessed as being the "Son of Sam" killer and offered a bizarre tale for his motivations.
He stated that "Sam" was an ancient demon that had possessed his neighbor Sam Carr. That Sam (Carr) was really a man who lived 6,000 years ago and that his dog (Harvey) had told him all of this and instructed him to kill. The dog also told him that Sam (Carr) was the Devil. 

Oddly enough, Berowitz refereed to himself as "Beelzebub" in a note left for the police, a name which most associate with The Devil. Berowitz, in prison, told stories of involvement with Satanic worship and the occult.

While some may just dismiss Berowitz's tales of Satanic cults, Demon possession and talking dogs. It should be noted that the movie The Exorcist was inspired by the actual 1949 exorcism case of Ronald Doe. Of course, this is not the boys real name but the case is well documented by Raymond Bishop, the attending priest.

Berowitz who remains in prison, was denied parole in 2014 but questions remain about his tales.
Was he, his neighbor and the dog all under or possessed by some evil, demonic spirit or did Berowitz just make it all up. The police did find Satanic writing on the walls of Berowitz apartment, but later in 1979, Berowitz, said it was all a hoax and he made it up. It seems some of his occult claims were made after the hoax confession.

Do you believe in Demonic possession?

As of 1987,Berowitz claims to be a born again christian. He is back up for parole in 2016 but like the other parole hearings, Berowitz, will most likely not attend. He does not want to be paroled and states he deserves to be in prison.

On  a side note, there is a book out that claims Hitler had or was trying to create a army of talking dogs, that could also read and write. The book is Amazing Dogs: A Cabinet of Canine Curiosities by Dr. Jan Bondeson

So there is your cup of weird for today, enjoy.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

[Sources: Life Magazine, Wikipedia]

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