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The Guys over at FBFB have posted this tiny sliver of a photo from the shooting bigfoot movie and have said that it is for sure not a mask and a real bigfoot.

How does the above photo compare to the creature in the tent video?

Is it the same? is it different? You can decide for yourself.

Now how does it compare to the artwork?

Do they all look enough alike to be the same creature? You can decide for yourself.

I wanted to share this because I know a lot of people wanted to see the actual creature from the film, so there it is ....how do you feel about it now? Does it change your mind?


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Figure in the sky in KY
The above photo was reportedly take by a game cam that for some reason was pointing up in the sky.
There appears to be a hooded figure on the left side of the photo. I've contacted the person who posted this in a effort to find out more details.
The photo was reportedly take in Prestionsburgh, Kentucky.

Here is a couple of photo enhancement I did

Cut out of figure and slight color adjustment

Zoom in on the head of the figure

I don't know what this is but it does appear to have a human type shape.
I will update this story with any need to know info .

©The Crypto Crew

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Strong Language Warning!

Rick Dyer claims proof of a hoax concerning the Sierra kills, rips on Steve Kulls and Derek Randles.
Offers $15,000 reward for proof the tent video is fake.


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After shooting some video at Hensley cemetery I notice something that kind of looked odd to me upon review.
At first I thought it was bugs going by the camera,but after going frame by frame I was able to rule out bugs.
I also thought it might be sunlight reflecting off the lens but it does not do it the other times I pan the camera. Plus it does not happen anywhere else in the video.
Could this have been a ghost?
I'm really not for sure on this one and still lean towards some type of reflection.
I have seen full body apparitions before but I wonder if this is how they look if they don't have enough energy to manifest.

All video © The Crypto Crew - no reuse without permission.
2:25 PM 7 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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This is a video from 2010. It was filmed in GA. The Kid is pretty excited and from his reaction they seem to have seen this bigfoot before and was glad to film it.
This most likely a real bigfoot. Very long arms and you can see ostman pads.


Still Frame of a possible bigfoot
This is a breakdown/enhancement of  youtube video "Squatch sighting Hancock MD"
This video was uploaded to youtube by brrrnt a couple of weeks ago.

The video is somewhat interesting but it is just too low in video quality to really see much detail.
The most interesting part is the breath blow that can be heard in the video. There is a chance that the person filming startled the bigfoot and it expelled a quick breath,much the same way humans do when startled.
If this is a real bigfoot it appears it did not know the person was there and reacts with a quick head turn. Of course this could all be a hoax as well but as I stated the video quality is just too low to get any detail.The figure also appears to be rather large.
It was a fun video to mess around with in any case.

Watch the video below:
(Watch in HD,for what it's worth)

The search continues!

sasquatch hair sample
Recently Randy Brisson,who is one of my favorite researchers, posted a new hair sample photo he collected.
Randy also has some hair samples that is said to be included in the Ketchum DNA paper and he is listed on the team page of The Erickson Project web site.
This recent sample is a new hair sample and is not one of the samples that has already been submitted to the DNA study.
Randy also stated that he was recently yelled at by a sasquatch while out in the woods and that some rogue researchers have been in there at night and it has irritated the sasquatch.
Dr. Melba Ketchum 
Dr. Melba Ketchum
Dr. Ketchum who was to be Presenting at the WA conference did not make the event.
She still did a presentation via Skype  that covered some methods and DNA info. Her not showing to the conference has raised a lot of questions in the bigfoot community. She made a few statements concerning her presentation. Her first statement was before the conference and here it is:
"Presenting at the WA conference at 2 PDT today. Since the paper isn't quite out, won't be able to give data, but I do hope that everyone will learn some things." - Dr. Ketchum.
So she knew that she would not be talking about the DNA paper.
After her not showing up in person and questions flying everywhere about all of it, she made the following statements:
"I need to set the record straight on mis-reporting concerning my presentation at the WA conference:

1. My presentation was not 8 years old. I used some powerpoint slides from a complicated human/animal forensic case from 8 years ago to demonstrate our forensic capabilities as well as some of the techniques used in our study including control of contamination.
2. We did not sequence the WTC s...amples, Celera did that, but I was involved with the analysis of the sequences generated by Celera.
3. The PowerPoint Presentation did include results of the first alleged BF samples tested in our lab. This was followed by me discussing the results of the first BF samples that actually triggered the beginning of this project.
I have to remind everyone, that until it is published, I cannot discuss our data at all. That is why this presentation was given in this context." - Dr. Ketchum
So if things are as she is saying, then the DNA paper is still under review and will be published at some point.
A drawing of the male Bigfoot killed at the Sierra Kills from an upcoming book by Justin Smeja about the incident which will contain many more great photos and drawings like this
Sierra Kills Drawing
Robert Lindsay recently posted the above photo. Love him or hate him he does obtain some inside info when it comes to all the bigfoot stuff.
This is a  professional artist’s rendering of a Bigfoot .This is a rendering of the bigfoot Justin Semja  killed and reportedly submitted the DNA sample from. This sample is reported to be included in the Dr. Ketchum DNA paper.
Robert Lindsay also reported that Justin Semja  has submit a bigfoot steak sample to an independent lab for testing of DNA.
This was just a quick review of some of the more important events in the bigfoot community. I think we are the only ones that covered the Randy Brisson hair sample...but I think it was important.

"Red glowing eyes, about 7 feet tall, making a sound like a pig squealing or a woman screaming and walking like a man but looking more like a gorilla," Paul Bartholomew said.

That's the most common description researcher and Bigfoot author Bartholomew hears from those who say they've seen the sasquatch.

"It's a global phenomena and it's here in our own backyards," Bartholomew said.
Bartholomew's backyard-- Whitehall, N.Y.-- has had recorded sightings for centuries.
"You go back to the Algonquin and the Iroquois and they talk about the stone giant and the giant men of the mountains. The Abenaki had their creature reports. So this whole area is rich in traditional reports of this creature," Bartholomew said.

[Via wcax.com ]

Details about the upload -
Published on Apr 18, 2012 by LeDouxTube
While visiting my family in Washington state, my brother and I were taking turns riding my parent's quad. He came back claiming he saw bigfoot. I thought he was making it up... until we played back the video. I don't know if someone was in the woods messing with us or something, but whatever it is freaks me out!

TCC- Lots of questions about this video....the BF is also carrying a stick in it's hand. Fun video but still Inconclusive. There are some things I like about the video and several things I don't like. Why no reaction from the rider of the ATV? is a big question. Plus the creature looks kind of baggy..so I'm assuming this is fake.

Uploaded on Apr 10, 2012 by gusdog369
"While Filming in the woods behind our campsite, we find someone or something wacthing us."

TCC - This is a new video and I wanted to take a closer look at it.
It appears to be just a suit but it's a fun little video and I expect to see more of these from gusdog369.
The little kids are cute as well.Remember is is NOT a video any of us at TCC filmed.


What is this a track of?
TCC - A couple of days ago I was contacted by Matt Wilson. He told me about some odd tracks he had found and sent me some pictures. They are interesting and the tracks are somewhat small.
Could this have been a baby or young bigfoot ?
Here is what Matt said:
"Hello! I thought I would show these to you.
 I saw these tracks near Mt. Shasta, CA a couple of weeks ago. I followed them for about half a mile up the mountain before it started snowing heavily so I headed back.
They definitely looked like they were from something bipedal and they were in-line similar to that of reported bigfoot tracks.
However they were small (only 4-5 inches). There were no other tracks around.
If it was a human, why would a little kid be walking around in the middle of the woods all alone? Possible juvenile bigfoot? Possible prints from the so-called Lemurians that are said to be small and live inside Mt. Shasta? (I'm leaning more towards the bigfoot explanation). Anyways, I'm a fan of your site so I figured I'd show you. Thanks!"
TCC - I encouraged Matt to make a return trip to the area if possible and look for other evidence. These tracks are in-line which is commonly reported of bigfoot tracks.
We at TCC thank Matt for sharing his find with us and for following our sites.
Here is the other photos Matt sent us:
Photo by Matt Wilson
Photo by Matt Wilson
Photo by Matt Wilson
Photo by Matt Wilson
©The Crypto Crew
Lair Of The Sasquatch!
Tom Biscardi

TCC - Just in case you hadn't heard.. Tom Biscardi has discovered a secret bigfoot Lair (possibly a hollowed out Volcano) in Mississippi! He has also alerted the authorities....what  authorities no one really knows...maybe the bigfoot police or the MIB or just a gang of kids with a dog named scooby.....just not sure at this point.
Anyways I was reading the latest about Biscardi on Bigfoot Evidence blog and a  Anonymous poster posted up a good list of Tom Biscardi hoaxes....I'm sure there are more we don't know about  but...anywho... here is the list....and thanks to "anonymous" for sharing the info. Of all the famous hoaxers I find Tom Biscardi the most entertaining but very rarely will I give hoaxers any coverage.
Remember this is NOT my list but was post by an anonymous person.

List of Tom Biscardi's Hoaxes:

- While with Ivan Marx, Biscardi was nearly attacked by a charging Bigfoot. Marx shot the creature while filming at the same time. Later they tried selling the absurd footage for $25,000.


2004 - Photographs a laughably bad Albino Bigfoot (in 2001). Uses it, along with some empty promises to try to lure a corporate sponsor to fork over $1.5 million so Biscardi can lead an expedition in a valley where he claims 500 bigfoots are living. It never takes place.


2004 -
Worst looking fake Bigfoot ever "eating lunch". Biscardi takes credit for snapping the photo himself while with Peggy Marx. Posted on his publicist's website and many others back in 2004.

http://www.cryptomundo.com/bigfoot-report/tom-biscardi-update (Bottom Picture)

2005 - False claim of filming Bigfoot versus Bear on his PPV webcam service while promoting his PPV website


2005 - Biscardi attempts to organize a Bigfoot Expedition open to the public for only $5,000 per person while assuring everyone of a Bigfoot capture.

http://www.northcoastjournal.com/072105/news0721.html (A 1/3 down, under "BIGBUCKS")

2005 -
Infamous Bigfoot Capture Hoax on Coast 2 Coast


2006 -
Horrendously Faked Bigfoot photos Biscardi promoted from an encounter.


2006 -
Bigfoot hand in a jar


2008 - Georgia Bigfoot Hoax


2009 -
Bigfoot Toenail hoax


2011 - "Authenticated" Biscardi Bigfoot video turns out to be a leaf.


(Click the HD button)
This video was uploaded about a year or so ago to youtube. The video was so dark you could not see the figure in it. So after reading some post on the bigfoot forums and seeing some request to lighten it up...I did. You can now see the bigfoot looking creature. So this is more of an enhancement than anything.
If True Mysteries has an objection to this video I will gladly remove it...but I think they want to see it better as well.
True Mysteries (ever who it is) also states they have more footage...I would like to get a look at some of it ...fake or not it might be worth a look.
Make sure to watch the original video so you can see how much I enhanced it.

you can see the original upload at


By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.
If Sasquatches Are So Smart, Then Why……?
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

            Just how smart are the hairy ones? That’s a subject that invites a lot of debate. Some say that a number of animals display the same skills as a sasquatch, so they’re not necessarily super intelligent. Some say they must be pretty smart since they’ve managed to stay hidden from humans for thousands of years. And the debate rages on. But how can we fairly measure the intelligence of any creature?
            Someone once said, “If you judge a fish by how well it can climb trees, it’ll go through its entire life thinking it’s stupid.”
            We can’t measure the intelligence of a sasquatch by our own standards.  Just because we’ve conquered nature (we think) and civilized the wild world around us, doesn’t necessarily mean we have superior intelligence.
 Probably the best way to measure the intelligence of sasquatches is solely on their success as a species. How well is they’re able to survive and even thrive in they’re own world?  By this standard, they’re very intelligent, but yet, some would say not much more so than any other animals that still exist.
  Sasquatch’s ability to hide is legendary, but a lot of animals are able to hide very well and they have very specialized camouflage. So does superior hiding ability suggest super intelligence?
             Ongoing primate research suggests that the other primates we’re very familiar with are much smarter and even more human like than was originally believed. So why shouldn’t we believe the same about our big, hairy friends?
            But maybe the biggest question of all is: Why have humans forged civilizations and performed great engineering feats while sasquatches and other primates have not?  If sasquatches are more intelligent or even more humanlike than other lower primates like some believe, what would distinguish the difference between them and us?
            A group of researchers wanted to find out what stops other primates from developing human capabilities. So they tested chimps along with 3 and 4-year-old children together to find out if other primates have a “cumulative culture” besides humans. They were given puzzle boxes to solve that offered progressively better rewards at different stages of their progression.
            One chimp did reach the highest stage of progression, but the other chimps around him were not affected by this in any way and didn’t progress further like the first.  But all the children, of course, were very successful. Why? Because researchers found they worked together and shared what they learned along the way, while there was no interaction or collaboration among the chimps.
So we can only wonder if sasquatches work together and share information. We can never simply assume that sasquatches are anything like other primates at all. This only gives us a frame of reference.
But what really seems to set them apart from us is their perception rate.  They seem to perceive danger quicker than we do and they react with almost lightning speed.  It’s possible that, while humans are standing around wondering what they just saw, the sasquatch has made his quick escape leaving his counterparts bewildered.  And quite often, they don’t even move that fast, but the humans are still confused nonetheless. Humans are not able to process what they saw so quickly while the sasquatch has already processed it all and is on its way into the shadows. The human is still fumbling with the camera when the sasquatch is far away already and reduced to a blobsquatch on film.  We have thousands of those pictures and videos on record. So who’s the smart one now?
They are a very large animal in a world with very few animals of equal size. And they need to possess a keen intelligence to be able to eat, reproduce and keep their hulking bodies out of sight.  This is their brand of primal intelligence: quick wit, stealth, cunning, automatic and perhaps extreme mistrust of any new situation or experience, and keen observance of their world. We rarely see them, but we know they watch humans from behind the trees, and they probably are more familiar with our habits than we are with theirs.  They are well suited to living in their world; a world that includes us.
And that’s probably a good thing.
 It’s very possible that if they had always been easily seen throughout history, humans would’ve hunted them down and wiped them out purely out of fear very early on.  But sasquatches seem to know enough to hide from us, and that has helped them survive, while many other species’ have been nearly eradicated simply because they dared to show themselves.  
            They are said to hunt other large animals, and yet skillfully avoid being seen.  And they very curiously seem to avoid trail cameras. It’s almost as if they are suspicious of anything that doesn’t look natural, while other animals are more easily caught with any trap containing food.  
 Some say they use a kind of archaic language to communicate with each other. But do they have the ability to share information they’ve learned and articulate it to others like humans do? And if so, why have they not used that skill in the same way humans have?
            It could be that they’re simply not quite as intelligent as we are, or, maybe they’re really smart and they simply use those skills to tell each other to stay the heck away from humans, all their little electronic devices, and their entire way of life at all costs.
            But slowly the humans are getting smarter and more answers are coming. Hopefully soon. *********
[*TCC - Dorraine Fisher is a freelance writer and nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.]
[* © The Crypto Crew ]

ABS had this photo for about 4 years before releasing it. 
Melissa Hovey Interview
The Crypto Crew Founder Tom Marcum 
Melissa Hovey
Tom: How long have you been researching or had an interest in bigfoot?
Melissa: My interest goes back to when I was a kid in Elementary School. I was quite the book worm and had come across a book (the name I don’t remember) that had a black and white photo of, John Green, holding this enormous foot print. I remember thinking, “that is one big foot print.” As I read further, I became more and more interested.  I wondered how something like that could live in our country or anywhere in the world. I wanted to know more. So, I read as much as I could find on the topic. 
Then a few years later I saw the Patterson/Gimlin film for the first time.  Fast forward to 2005, when I moved to Texas, and decided to get out there and look. As an adult, my fascination has changed from the animal itself to the witnesses. I have worked as a Paralegal/Legal Assistant since late 2002. While getting my degree I interned with a Public Defenders office and a Coroner’s office. I have worked with people who simply want answers, outside this field of research, and I find the witnesses to this alleged animal behave and say things that are no different. These witnesses deserve answers as much as anyone.
Tom:   In your years of bigfoot research, what would you say is the best evidence you found?
Melissa: I have found tracks and casted them. But, nothing I would consider rock solid evidence.
Tom:   Some people got upset because you placed a copyright on the photo, is that all settled now?
Melissa: This issue has never needed to be settled.  Many are assuming they know what this witness and I have agreed to, even though, they have never spoken with this witness or myself.
The American Bigfoot Society and its Directors will always do whatever is necessary to protect our witnesses. If that bothers people in this community, so be it. But, witnesses sure have appreciated the approach we have taken and have said so in countless emails. Witnesses I have never even worked with have contacted me via email to thank me and the ABS for taking such as strong stance in the protection of this witness. We will not change our position or our firm defense when it comes to these people.
Tom: I agree with you,we at TCC have taken similar steps to protect people who have confided in us with stories and/or photos. It should be a common rule among researchers to protect the witness.
Melissa: In all honesty if I removed the copyright protection does that make the subject of this photo a living and breathing Bigfoot or an absolute hoax? No, absolutely not, and to say it would, is ridiculous. It is our job to protect these people, especially when we can’t prove they’ve done anything wrong, and wish to remain anonymous. To do less is irresponsible. 
So, when all else fails, blame the messenger or the witness.  The uproar, over a non-issue (the copyright) isn’t difficult to figure out when you sit back and actually think about it. If the witness is just fine, why should anyone else care? Unless they are simply trying to start drama where there is none.  
Tom:    What did the person who sent you the photo think about you having the copyright, was they ok with it?
Original photo by Lupe Mendoza

Now, we will zoom in on the object of interest...the figure becomes much more visible.
At this point you can see what appears to be an upright walking figure,but it looks kind of odd.
Now we will zoom right in on the figure and try to find out what it might be.
close up of figure

So after zooming it ..we can still not determine what this thing is...so I have tried to enhance the photo and below is the results.

is that eyes?

So after zooming and trying to enhance this photo, we can see what could be eyes but we can still not say what it really is or isn't. It don't really seem to fit the appears of a bigfoot. 

I have has shown this picture to a few people in private to see what they might think it could be and I have got replies ranging from Alien to werewolf.
So now Lupe has decided to release the photo for all to see and maybe someone can tell us what this figure is. 

TCC thanks Lupe for showing us the photo and now releasing it to the public.
If you have an idea of what this could be, then please let us know.

[Copyright The Crypto Crew]
[Photo by Lupe Mendoza] 
[Enhancements by TCC]
[TCC - This is a article written by TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Enjoy!] 
Do Sasquatches Really Need Vast Wilderness?
By Dorraine Fisher        
            Do sasquatches really need vast areas of wilderness to live in? A closer look at the BFRO sightings maps and reports suggest maybe not. In fact, the reports lean more toward our hairy friends needing nothing more than a stable food source, sufficient foliage for cover, and some kind of watershed to survive just fine.
            The crew on Finding Bigfoot has now traveled to many areas of North America and they’ve often been surprised by how much wilderness they find in certain states that aren’t well known for their wilderness areas. They deem these areas more “squatchy” than they would’ve imagined and they praise the vast stretches of forest, swamp, or mountainous areas there that they believe a Sasquatch needs to exist.
            And this seems to be a prevailing theory with most bigfoot enthusiasts and even scientists. Since many sasquatches have been found to live in great wilderness states like Washington, Oregon, and northern California, most believe these types of habitats are required for a sasquatch to survive.
            As it’s certainly true that more sightings occur in large wilderness areas, it’s not a rule as is suggested by reports in some rural areas of states like Illinois. Illinois is certainly not known for its large stretches of wilderness, but sightings there span nearly two-thirds of the state, including the outer fringes of the very urban areas of Chicago. Several fairly recent sightings have been reported in Cook County, Illinois just outside the city.
            In Missouri in 1997, a bow hunter reported a sighting in west St. Louis County just a couple of miles from a heavily populated suburb of the city.  The location of the sighting would be considered only semi-rural and is intersected by two interstate highways. It’s only 15 miles from downtown St. Louis.
            In 2005, a significant footprint of what was believed to be a juvenile sasquatch was found in the mud by a hiker just two miles from downtown Topeka, Kansas.
            And there are many others. Sightings continue to be reported in rural and semi-rural areas all over the forested areas of the U.S.
            None of these areas could be considered wilderness, but what they do have in common is that they contain some kind of watershed, lake, stream, or river, a sufficient deer population, and lush, thick foliage that could provide cover for a large mammal. 
            Of course there are many more sightings in areas like the Pacific Northwest, but it’s becoming clearer that a large stretch of wild country isn’t an ironclad requirement for the survival of sasquatches. Perhaps the hairy ones are far more diverse and adaptable than we ever imagined. *****

[*TCC - Dorraine Fisher is a freelance writer and nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.]
[* Copyright The Crypto Crew ]

[Partial Source:Stan Courtney ]

[*TCC - Dorraine Fisher is a freelance writer and nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.]
[* Copyright The Crypto Crew ]

(Click the HD button)
!!Correction - This video was originally uploaded by
designperfxion on Apr 13, 2011

Sorry about that.
After viewing the person's youtube account (designperfxion) I'm leaning more towards fake now...seems to be some kind of film maker of sorts.

This video was uploaded to youtube by SasquatchWatcher on Mar 22, 2012.

It is a very interesting video and the story is some what believable. There are several things I really like about the video like:
*Cupped Hand
*Big and thick
*Slope to shoulder
*Has the Lean forward
*filmers reaction- you can hear that his breathing has increased

But there is some things I really don't like
*Can't see no muscle movement
*Feet look a little funny
*super blurry video
*Original username of uploader

Just to name a few.

This is just one of them videos where the quality of the video is just too poor to say for sure either way.
So in the end this could be a real bigfoot or at the very least it is a pretty good looking suit.
Still a great video and I enjoyed it.



TCC -  Thanks to the folks over at West Coast Sasquatch for their work on this and exposing it as a hoax.
TCC - A couple of weeks ago I ran across the video below. I found it very interesting as it was a new angle for looking at the Famous Patterson film, But I had a question pop into my head almost immediately and it was "Could someone running hit the mark?"

Well a few day ago I was contacted by David Edwards about something totally unrelated to the above video. We had a good email exchange and as it turns out David is what I like to call a "science guy".
A science guy that has an interest in bigfoot. I will not go into his extensive education or his degrees but trust me he is a very credible professional person and does hold a few degrees. He was also willing to help us if we needed anything done from a "Science guy."
Anyway, I told him about the above video and I posed my question to him: "could a person running hit the mark?" and would he like to do an analysis of or about it. He said Yes and what follows is his findings.

[This is a guest post by David Edwards: The Science Guy]

Responding to your question on the video and the gait. Could a person hit the mark by running?
Not running:

but yes for speed walking:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2urNVmKnEaQ (Embedding was disabled for this video)
Runners actually extend well above 90 degrees. Runners land on the mid to front part of the foot springing off with a burst of power in the next step.
Speed walkers, while lifting higher than casual walking, don't typically get up to a 90 degree angle, but midway between the two... like around 70-75 degrees. Speed walkers also land their leg on the heel and roll forward. They rely less on the power burst than just momentum of fast moving legs over shorter distance.
What's interesting about the speed walking angle is that Patty in real time is actually walking fast, not running. But even though the lift is comparable and the landing similar, the overall gait is not. Both speed-walkers and runners lock their leg at some point in the cycle. Patty has bent knees throughout. I think the high-stepping bent-knee gait is an adaptation of walking up and down uneven hills, like the clearance of her walk would allow her to step over boulders or to get better balance when taking a high step onto boulders. Keeping the knees bent allows for better balance.
So I think a speed walker could better replicate the leg lift and probably the overall gait, but it would take a lot of practice.
What stands out to me on Patty is not the usual mentions - breasts, leg hernia, jawline, etc. But lower limb proportion.
For humans, the ratio of hip to knee length versus knee to ankle length is relatively equal.
For gorillas, the hip to knee length is far greater than knee to ankle length; since they typically walk on all 4s that makes sense.
For Sasquatch, the hip to knee length is longer than knee to ankle length, but not as equally proportioned as a human. I think this proportion with their longer arms would allow them to run on all 4s if they had to and be more gracefully than humans on all 4s.
Like gorillas they have a massive upper body. So it seems they would need longer larger thighs & hamstrings to support their upper bodies when walking and muscular thighs would give them the burst of power to move quickly when on all 4s. People who do a lot of mountain climbing have very muscular legs.
I would think Bigfoot doesn't live long. Supporting so much upper body mass in a world of gravity must be killer on the back. Muscle helps, but it is still weight and promotes long-term wear of the spine. Gorillas can live long lives because they use all 4 limbs routinely to support their mass. I guess Bigfoot has a lot of back issues, herniated disks, and such. When we throw our backs, we can collect disability. When they throw their backs, it's likely quick death if left immobile. Back issues may also contribute to observed forward leaning walk.
There is a principle of physiology called SAID - Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand. I think avoiding human contact is a physical adaptation for them. The imposed demand - bringing down game for food - requires conservation of strength and preservation of spinal cord to ensure Bigfoot can continue to hunt. Humans don't appear to be seen as food, but do demand a lot of interaction because of our relentless curiosity. So intentional avoidance of a high energy activity with little merit is possibly an energy conservation adaptation to ensure food gathering strength and mobility.
Hey, I think I just made a new theory. :-) 

-David Edwards - The Science Guy
TCC - Thanks to David for his analysis and help!
[Copyright - The Crypto Crew]
The Crypto Crew - Submit Sighting - TCC Team
Interactive Sightings Map

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