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Showing posts with label bigfoot eye shine. Show all posts

Our friend Jay Rice recently sent us this odd photograph that he took at the back of his home. For those who may not know, Jay is an author and paranormal researcher. He also does some Bigfoot investigation work as well. He is also just an all around good person that anyone would like to meet and know.

In the photo, there appears to be two distinctive eyes shinning back at us. Jay sent me the photo, along with a daylight picture of the area, and told me more about the area and photograph. He also wanted me to see if I could get more information from the two pictures.

What follows is Jay and I's conversation, along with some enhancements and a short video.
These photos comes to us from Tom Thomas. They were taken in Michigan in a area that has many reports of bigfoot activity.  I have attempted to enhance the photos and do comparisons. While the end results are still inconclusive it still makes me wonder. Also please take into account that his area has had high bigfoot activity over the years.

Here are the photos.

Possible bigfoot eye shine from MI
Eye shine but what is it?
 here is the daytime comparison photo send to me by Mr. Thomas.

comparison photo
Man standing by tree is roughly 6 ' 4" tall

Now here is some enhancements and comparison shots I did.

Zoom in on the eyes

I tried to match up the photos best I could. One had a little tilt to it which may it not line up perfect.
It is important to note that the mountain slopes down on the left side of the photo. Which would mean the eyes, if it was a standing figure, would be somewhat taller than the man on the right side of the photo.
I lined up the photo using the branches on the left side of the tree. Also of note is that the bicycle was moved in the after photo and was further away from the tent. 
This is about where the eye shine was at in the night photo.
More about this area: The BFRO has a class A sighting about a mile away. There was also some  unknown vocalizations recorded that night the eye shine photo was taken. We hope to have the audio in the near future.

In the end we can not say for sure what is making this eye shine, it could just be a critter of some sort but it could have been bigfoot lurking about.
A big thanks goes out to Tom Thomas for sharing the photo and allowing me to share it on the website.
Please feel free to post your thoughts about this set of photos or experiences you have had in the state of Michigan.


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Game cam photo of possible bigfoot!
Possible Bigfoot Eye shine
This photo comes to us from fellow Kentuckian D.Neal (aka: Biggyfoot).
Here is what he told about the photo.

"Taken with a trail camera set up on my Deer hunting lease back in 2008.
After several weeks of research and measuring it was found that the possible "eye-shine" was at 7'4". Since 2008 I have found 2 nice tree structures and a tee-pee like structure. Pretty awesome stuff.
After this pic was captured we went and did several days of research and investigations concerning this pic. This is a huge trail, or open walkway if you will that goes back for several hundred yards. In the vicinity of the actual eye shine there is NO limbs or branches to hold an Owl or a Raccoon.
I still have this same property under lease and have found 2 great tree structures there also. Not much as far as sounds."

D. Neal recently gave me more info about how the picture has been studied.
Here is what he told me.

"When I first captured it a Photo expert with the BFRO studied it and said that it almost appeared as if the light was "emitting' from the eyes, but yet it was NOT anything electrical but he could vaguely make out a form. Then a photo expert from Owensboro took the original pic and worked with it for several days, SHE was NOT a believed in Bigfoot. To her surprise she said she was able to also make out a form, or a figure around and under the eye-shine that resembled a tall standing figure. Today she is a believer in Bigfoot."

but that's not all, Neal continued

"A Crime Scene annalist used a $25000 piece of machinery that studies photos and breaks them down did so on this pic. Although she couldn't make out a form or figure (she didn't have the original, just a copy) she did conclude that the eye-shine was NOT from a man made object, or an electrical source, and that it was not from an airplane or a car."

I have attempt to do some slight enhancement to the photo myself, here is my efforts.

Game cam photo of possible bigfoot!

Game cam photo of possible bigfoot!

This is a pretty cool photo and we thank D. Neal for letting us sharing the photo and the story.


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