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We all understand that any species must procreate to survive and continue the cycle of life. This is no different for bigfoot. For bigfoot to continue they must produce offspring. There are many questions and theories about this subject among the bigfoot community. No one, that I know of, discredits the idea that bigfoot does in fact produce offspring.

But what I want to focus on today is the evidence of baby bigfoots, What evidence has been found, if any. It may surprise you that in fact there has been several potential findings that point to evidence of very small bigfoot.

This time of year, many people take vacations. They often go to the beach or a retreat back in the mountains. But it appears some people are not taking a vacation this year. They are just too busy making fake bigfoot news. It seems in the last few weeks there has been an extremely large amount of totally fake, and in some cases ridiculous, reports of dead bigfoot.

Most of these reports are coming from what is clearly a "pull a prank" site. It even states it at the bottom of the website. For many of us, we realize these are untrue reports that are made as a joke. That it is just for fun and not to be taken serious.

But there is only one problem with that....
Still Frame from video
Recently a news report showed a very blurry and grainy video of what many think could be a juvenile bigfoot. The creature is very hard to see in the video but if you view it a few times you can see the small creature swing on the tree limbs.The man who shot the video said he did not see the creature but that his mother did see it.

The short video was shot in La Crescenta, Ca and it has caused a good stir and left many wondering just what was in the trees. The man shot the video with a cell phone.

Before I give my opinion and an enhanced still frame, it would be best for you to watch the video.
Here is the video.
Still frame from the video.

Okay, so I was trolling around the internet and came across the video below and remembered how it was and maybe still is being debated. First let me tell you, any researcher worth his or her salt should be able to tell you right off that this is a fake video and not a real bigfoot. If you look at the comments on the youtube video many think it is a real bigfoot.

Now, lets look at the video.

The description stated something like the guy was testing out his camera and heard the tree knock and filmed this baby bigfoot.

So, knowing that the video was fake, I set out to maybe find more evidence that it was a set up video and I feel I did. First I looked over the guys other videos. One of them stood out to me and it was one titled "Action scenes". It shows a man running, shooting a hand gun, crawling and diving. I take it the guy was testing his camera out more.

Here is a still frame from the Action scenes youtube video

It becomes pretty obvious that this guy has an interest in film making and is testing out his camera.
So as I continue to check out this youtube channel, I notice he is subscribed to a channel called Extra Unordinary Films.  So my next step is to check out that channel. On that channel I found a short film called "Predaprey (Bigfoot Short Film)". The film only runs a little over 2 minutes, so I gave it a watch. As I was watching it, it was pretty clear this was the same area of the "Baby Bigfoot" video and the "Action Scenes" video. It also appears to be the same guy in the same blue pants. You can't see his face in the "Predaprey" film as he is wearing a gas mask.  A couple of the easy giveaways is the ferns seen in "Action Scenes" video and the "Predaprey" appear to be filmed in the same location. Another similarity is in the "Action Scenes" video the guy is seen walking next to a roll of rocks that have been stacked up, it appears the same stacked up rocks are in "Predaprey" film, but filmed from a differen angle. Here is a still shot of the roll of stacked rocks.
Also, the theme from the "Baby Bigfoot" video is very similar to the short film, with regards to the tree knock. The suit used in the short film is the same as the "Baby Bigfoot video. Once you watch the 3 videos in question, I think most will see the connections.

With all that said, the little short film, "Predaprey" is not bad, and somewhat entertaining. I also, would not call this person a "hoaxer", I think it was a little more like a marketing test. As many of you know, we have seen similar fake videos used to market a upcoming film. I hope the guy keeps making short films, or full length films, as he seems to have a good knack for it.  Here is the "Predaprey" video.

I'm not trying to be harsh towards the guy who made these films and I feel he does a pretty good job with his little short film. The music and editing in the short film is nice as well. But I would encourage him not make fake bigfoot videos in efforts to fool people. Once the stigma of being a Hoaxer is attached to you, you can't never shake it and it could have negative effects on your film making.
 Plus, for people who have dedicated many years into doing Bigfoot research, it makes it a little more difficult to be taken seriously. Fake Bigfoot videos often split the community apart, with one side believing it and one side calling it fake.We all know if we are split we can't get as much done and the job becomes harder.
The young man, stated that he would like to make a full length film, if it is about bigfoot, I would think it would be better to work with the Bigfoot community than to try and spoof them. In fact, I would think that many in the Bigfoot community would be willing to provide information or help on a Bigfoot film project. They will also be your target audience, so you don't want them upset, you want them to watch your film, not boycott it.

Oh well, I'm rambling now....but the advice is free (ha ha).

I hope this post sheds some light on the "Baby Bigfoot" Video and it is my opinion that all three videos were made by the same person in the same location.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet

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Creature seen on 74 Ortega Hwy

I got this report in last night. It is interesting, as the creature, was what sounds like, a very small Bigfoot.  If it was a young Bigfoot, then one could only imagine it was what we would call a toddler.

Here is the report.

- Start Report -

 Name: Amber ******

Email Address: on file

State: California

County: Orange

Date of Sighting: 5-17-2015

Time of Day: 9:00pm

Nearest Town: Cleveland Forest

Length of Sighting: 10 seconds

How many Witnesses: one

Any Photos/Videos: no

Describe sighting in detail:

I was driving on 74 Ortega Hwy to Lake Elsinore, after work. It was raining & I turned my brights on, when I saw a small man like creature. It was 1-2 feet tall, dark colored like the trees. It was in the middle of the road & turned it's body in my direction but I couldn't see eyes. It then ran across as I passed it. There was no where to pull over and my phone had no reception. I've purchased a dash cam and I intend on capturing it on film if I cross paths with it again.

- End Report -

!! UPDATE !!

I got an update from Amber. She is attempting to document this creature Here is part of the update she sent me.

"..... stop by the Ortega Highway Candy Store, and found out there was another sighting. A sheep herder kept hearing something in his trash cans 3 nights in a row. The 3rd night he went out with the shotgun and saw a small man that attacked him scratching his face. He shot at it and hit it but it kept on running. Shannon & Kelly (candy store) both thought he was on something until I came in last week with a similar story.  They said he moved a way, I'm still investigating. I'm also planning a hike to the Ortega falls. I think the creature would live in the mountain side caves deep in the forest. I guess it is nocturnal since I saw it at night and it's dark wood color......."

Now, this new possible sighting with it attacking a man and scratching his face is interesting. If anyone has more information about that event, please contact us.

Here is a small map of the Candy Store area.


If Amber sends more updates I will add them here. Thanks for the update Amber.

- End Update -

- UPDATE 2 - 

I got another email update from Amber. There has been some more developments in this area. Here is the information from Amber.

"I called the Park Ranger and he laughed when I asked if any pet monkeys were loose. He said none had been reported as he giggled. My friend Shannon (Candy Store) showed me these Facebook posts."

(here is what one of the post says)

"No way, this finally got heard/published, Wow I have to make some calls, Thank you"

Amber's email continued:

"Also when I was there a week ago, waiting for the rock slide to be cleared. A man came in to wait and told us he & his son saw a Big foot by the Riverside County Fire Station.
He said he's lived in Lake Elsinore for many years and this was the first time he's stopped in. I don't know if he'll stop in again but if he does I'll get his info.

 I added a picture I made on photoshop, of what I saw that night. Except it was sprinkling and the creature was darker color, I just made him that light to be visible.
Do you think it might be an alien and not Little-Big foot?"

Here is Amber's rendition of what she saw

First, a thanks to Amber for keep me/us updated on her research efforts into what she saw and for taking the time to create an image of her sighting.

Now, she ask what my thoughts are as to whether the creature was a possible alien or a little Bigfoot. I would think that this was probably a small bigfoot. It may even be a bigfoot that is deformed either by birth defect or an accident. It is really hard to say. I wonder if dwarfism happens happens in Bigfoot? If so, could this possibly be a case of dwarfism?

With this new information, we can see that there are possible other sightings of this creature, we can only hope they file a report with us or that Amber can get their story. 

Once again, I will continue to update this post with any new information that I get.

- End Update 2 -

If we assume this was a very young toddler Bigfoot, then it would also be safe to assume an adult was near by.

2015 seems to have been a slow year for reported Bigfoot sightings.So, thanks to Amber for submitting her sighting.

Also if anyone else has seen a possible Bigfoot on hwy 74, please let us know.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet

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Gnome type creature crosses road
Actual Junction but a mock up of the event

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

Got in another report of something odd running across the road.

- Start Report -
Name: William M*******
Email Address: Withheld
State: Kentucky
County: Madison
Date of Sighting: September 1998
Time of Day: 9 p.m.
Nearest Town: Berea
Length of Sighting: 15-20 seconds
How many Witnesses: 2
Any Photos/Videos: No
Describe sighting in detail:

My wife & I were headed home through town (from dinner) & when we got to the junction of U.S.25 & 1016, this thing crossed the road in front of our truck. It was like nothing we had ever seen before. I asked my wife if she had seen it. She said "yes, but when do gnomes run across the road?"

I thought I was the only one who saw what she saw but the only way I can describe it is that it was a 2-3 foot tall Gnome. Plain & simple.
We are drug & alcohol free & don't tell tall tales. It really freaked the both of us out. It came from the left, crossed the road in front of us at a quartering toward us angle & was in full sight of the both of us. There's no way this could have been a joke on us. It moved too smoothly & just like a person only 2-3 feet tall. It was dressed in what looked like tan fur & it seemed to have been wearing
something on it's head. Beats the crap out of most of the strange stuff I've seen here in Berea, and I've seen a lot of weird, creepy stuff. Thank you for listening. W.M.
- End Report -

Well, Seems some people are thinking the beacon bigfoot pictures and videos are real. So I thought I'd post up some more photos and enhancements to help you make up your mind.

Bigfoot going towards the left
Here is a zoom in on the figure

ok, the bigfoot must be a little confused because here it is going to the right...maybe he forgot something?

here is a zoom again

  ok...now how about a female bigfoot, there has been pictures of babies ...so there has to be a female right?
here it is
Yes, there is about 5 deer in the photo --which is pretty cool ---now how about a zoom on the female bigfoot ...here it is

bow chicka wow wow - curvy!

Now for the alpha male of the group.

Lets zoom the macho man in and get a good look at this specimen

Now it seems ever who is taking these photos and videos are getting really close, either this is for some low budget movie or just a ploy to get some youtube views and press. At least they are pretty decent suits and using so many different types of bigfoots is creative as well. If this is real, which it is not. then Beacon, NY is overrun with bigfoot and they may have to start a hunting season to thin them out.

So in the end you can make up your own mind but at least it something to look at.


[source: beacon bigfoot]

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[Note: This is a rather large post just click the "More" at the bottom to go to the next segment. This post will also include several pictures supplied by Robin Lynne.©2012 The Crypto Crew]

Photo courtesy of Robin Lynne

Hairy Friends in the Backyard

And Interview With Robin Lynne Forestpeople
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

Robin Lynne Forestpeople knows what it means to be called crazy. She claims to have seen, photographed, and interacted with a group of Sasquatches that she has known to have lived in the forest around her backyard for several years now. And the experiences she describes are extraordinary.  And many might call her character into question, so I knew I had to talk to her. And when I spoke to her frankly about her “friends” in her back yard that she calls “forest people,” I found her to be very genuine, credible and down-to-earth. Not to mention one of the nicest ladies I’ve ever met. She’s a pretty normal mother of three who just happens to have some very strange activity around her house every day.

Is this a young squatch track?

This is a picture of a track that was sent to us.
Here is what they told us about it

.. "we canoeing and camping in middle stewiacke, NS(nova scotia) and we were pretty much away from people and we came across this small footprint.. it was about 4-5 inches long and 3 inches wide. There was only the 1 footprint and no more prints around it, not even another set.. it was beside a pool of water connected to the river.. this is the second footprint we found exactly the same but this time one of us had a camera to take a picture."

They went on to say ".. why it would be so small but so wide.. and we seen the same exact footprint a month before this picture was taken with no other footprint beside it like this one.. very odd. there was like 11 of us on that trip and 7 of us seen the footprint...."

This person ask us not to print their name...so we didn;t.
It has been stated that very young sasquatch have really wide feet...so maybe this is a track from one.

What does everyone think about it.


I have tried to do some enhancements of the photos.
Original photo by Albert Fuhs
Several ask where to look in the photo and Albert said: "..this guy in the low center was the first to show him self to me 5years ago....a baby in the tree on the far right tree"
So I did some enhancements of the photo
This is the one in the center of the picture
Here is the one of the reported baby:
baby bigfoot in a tree
Here is a possible 3rd bigfoot according to some views of this photo. Is this the one that is 8 foot tall?

Is this an 8ft tall bigfoot?

Here is the second photo
Second photo that was posted
Here is a zoom on the photo
is this bigfoot?maybe 2?
Here is the 3rd and possibly the best of the 3
Bigfoot and a deer
Here is what Albert said about this photo "..100% bigfoot with a rock in hand. i will call him rusty.."
Here is a zoomed and enhanced version of the photo
is this a bigfoot getting ready to throw a rock?
Thanks goes to Jimmy Craze and Albert Fuhs.
We are glad Albert decided to come out and let us know these are his photos.I should also make it clear that I "think" these are still frames from a video and not taken with a camera.
We would like to know what the readers think about these photos...TCC is still trying to find out more about the photos and the film.
*Please do not use our enhanced photos unless you give us credit and a link to our website.
Justin Smeja, a hunter from Sacramento, CA was out bear hunting near Gold Lake with his friend (the driver) back in October 2010. He tells how he shot and killed two Bigfoots.

I Killed Bigfoot - A Conversation With Justin Smeja
Free documentary / movie from Ro Sahebi, Team Tazer & the Bigfoot Evidence Blog. The first in-depth interview about the Sierra Kills shooting on camera.
58 Minutes / Not Rated / ©2012 RocknRollJihad

The following is some of the comments left about this story.

Timmy - "It is absolutely meaningless unless he has accompanying pics or samples....just hot wind and attention for a beer swillin redneck who makes us NorCals look like tards."

Anonymous - "Smeja is nothing but a poacher and an opportunistic pot grower in an economically depressed part of California. He has nothing to lose, in terms of a good reputation in his community, so there's no impetus for him to not tell bullshit tales like this one.

He's a redneck bullshitter who eventually told a story that pushed the same kind of emotional buttons that the Georgia hoaxers pushed. He saw how his bullshit story attracted some attention, and brought him some money, so he kept pushing that button and he kept refining his story.

He made up the whole story. The incident did not happen."

Anonymous - "ketchums DNA study is reliant apon this guy..... LOL"

leon W - "I hear the "FAT LADY" warming up.

Beer + rifel + monster = Dead Monster

Not science, but there is some math for you doubters!

After viewing the video, I think the equation needs to be kept simple.

Great Job Ro!"

Anonymous - "Just more make believe. What idiot kills two bigfoots, cradles one in his arms, then just totally leaves them behind in the woods without a sliver of evidence or even picture? Oh wait he found a bigfoot steak when he went back two weeks later... LOL give me a break."

James K. - "Also Smeja's story has significantly changed since he originally posted it on a taxidermy website."

It seems most of the people commenting think Justin Smeja is just telling a big story that is not true, but there are a few people who thinks he is telling the truth in the comments.

So I guess everyone can make up their on mind about his story and the whole DNA paper.

Original photo of possible creatures. I only added the TCC tag.
  Here is the story behind the above photo.
Kim wrote:
"My friend and I were trying to get in some exercise and sight seeing between rain storms on June 26th, 2012. We stopped at the Mt. Lafayette viewing area and went on a couple of the trails. The last trail we tried was a bike trail and it dropped steeply. We did not go far as it was slippery in the rain and we did not want to risk the climb back up.

I saw three black "bodies" off to the left but couldn't make them out. I took three pictures of the area two of which came out too dark to distinguish anything. The third one is attached (above). At the time I couldn't tell what I was looking at, but knew something was moving a little. I got nervous that we may have stumbled across some black bears and we decided to leave before anything happened.

When I saw the picture on my computer, I nearly had a heart attack. I don't want anyone hunting whatever these are, but am curious about them (not that I am going back there anytime soon!)"
In a follow up Kim said:
"The group to the left looks like it could be a mother from the side with a baby on her lap facing her. Like I said I was so surprised by it all.It is fascinating to see what was watching us! But creepy too!"
TCC - Yes indeed Kim, there is just so much we don't know or understand about our world.
What follows is some photo enhancement,mostly cut outs and zooms, of the photo.
If you notice it kind of looks like a arm on the right side of photo 
 This could be a bigfoot. It kind of looks like an arm and maybe even the fingers on the right of the photo.
Here is a zoom on the possible hand.
Is this the hand and fingers?
 Here is a zoom of the dark figure on the right.
What appears to be a large dark figure.
Even though the photo is not definitive it sure could be a possibility. It was quick thinking of Kim to snap off a few pictures. Often times sighting like this are so fast and unexpected that the person is caught completely off guard and loses the chance to get a picture. 
Thanks goes to Kim for sharing the photo and the story and allowing TCC to pass it along to our readers.
I hope to maybe do a follow up with Kim about the story and will keep everyone posted.
©The Crytpo Crew


I have done some follow up work on this report. I was able to get the first 2 photos snapped by Kim and just as she said they were very dark. So in total Kim snapped 3 photos, 2 came out rather dark and the third is the one featured at the top of this post. I have also learned that Kim's camera was at full zoom when taking the 3 photos. This could be why the resolution is not the best it could have been.The photos were taken with an Olympus Digital camera.
I tried to enhance the 2 dark photos but could not get a lot out of them other than what seem to be dark figures.
I will post the originals and enhancements below.

1st photo take

2nd photo taken

Now Enhancements to photos 1 & 2

Enhancement to photo 1

Further enhancements to photo 1

Enhancement to photo 2
So with the 3rd photo at the top of this post that makes the 3 photos that Kim took. We could not get much out of the 2 dark photos but it does add to the case.

©The Crypto Crew
What is this a track of?
TCC - A couple of days ago I was contacted by Matt Wilson. He told me about some odd tracks he had found and sent me some pictures. They are interesting and the tracks are somewhat small.
Could this have been a baby or young bigfoot ?
Here is what Matt said:
"Hello! I thought I would show these to you.
 I saw these tracks near Mt. Shasta, CA a couple of weeks ago. I followed them for about half a mile up the mountain before it started snowing heavily so I headed back.
They definitely looked like they were from something bipedal and they were in-line similar to that of reported bigfoot tracks.
However they were small (only 4-5 inches). There were no other tracks around.
If it was a human, why would a little kid be walking around in the middle of the woods all alone? Possible juvenile bigfoot? Possible prints from the so-called Lemurians that are said to be small and live inside Mt. Shasta? (I'm leaning more towards the bigfoot explanation). Anyways, I'm a fan of your site so I figured I'd show you. Thanks!"
TCC - I encouraged Matt to make a return trip to the area if possible and look for other evidence. These tracks are in-line which is commonly reported of bigfoot tracks.
We at TCC thank Matt for sharing his find with us and for following our sites.
Here is the other photos Matt sent us:
Photo by Matt Wilson
Photo by Matt Wilson
Photo by Matt Wilson
Photo by Matt Wilson
©The Crypto Crew
Justin Smeja

TCC - Robert Lindsay recently Interviewed Justin Smeja and It was a very good read and Robert as many good questions and seemed to push for answers.
Several questions stand out concerning Dr Melba Ketchum and Dr Jeff Meldrum.
Here is a couple of the post from the Q & A

Q & A
RL: Do you talk to Dr. Melba Ketchum (who is running the DNA study on his sample)?

JS: You know, I hardly talk to her at all. I think I have spoken with her two whole times. And they’ve hardly told me anything. They don’t communicate with me at all. But after I did that radio show, Ketchum called me and got mad at me for doing the show. She said I was jeopardizing the study.

RL: She more or less told you to STFU?

JS: Pretty much, yes. No more talking to the media. She said, “Why did you do this? You can’t do this sort of thing until we publish! No more radio shows!” I thought it was strange because I did not give up any privileged information, but that was her attitude.

TCC - And Later Justin talked about Jeff Meldrum and here is what was said.

Q & A
RL: Is there anything you are mad about or upset about regarding this whole business?

JS: Well, the one thing that really gets me is so many people don’t believe me. All these people keep coming up to me and acting all friendly and saying, “Tell me your story. Tell me your story.” So I befriend them and tell them whatever they want to know from me, and then they leave, and a while later, I hear that they are running around saying that they don’t believe anything I say and what a big liar I am.
When we went to the Sierra Kills site, Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Dr. John Mioczynski were there, and they were very, very friendly. We were there for three days camping out, and everyone was saying, “We believe you. We believe you. Yes, yes, yes.” Then most of them turned around as soon as I was gone and said what a big fat liar I was and how they don’t believe me. This is what Meldrum and Mioczynski did to me. Especially Meldrum. He was really two-faced to me. Everyone says he’s such a great guy, but I don’t think so. I don’t like him very much.
All that two-faced stuff – it’s distressing. It really gets on my nerves.

Robert really covered a lot of bases here and ask some tough on point questions. Hats off to him and Justin for the interview.Thanks Guys.

To read the whole interview, and I recommend you do, go over to Robert's blog by clicking the link
Robert Lindsay interviews Justin Smeja

There is some other good reading on Roberts blog at the moment about bigfoot and his recent spat with Dr. Meldrum. Have a look.

[Via Robert Lindsay Blog ]
The Crypto Crew - Submit Sighting - TCC Team
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