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Hiking At Camp Blanton

We spent the better part of a day hiking at Camp Blanton. We show you the famous Knobby Rock, and the labyrinth known as The Maze. By the end of the day we had logged almost 9 miles of trekking through this 100 year old forest.

Here is some info about Blanton Forest and Camp Blanton.
Blanton Forest is located on Pine Mountain in Harlan County and is the largest old growth forest known in Kentucky.

Blanton Forest is named in honor of former owners Grover and Oxie Blanton. The Blantons purchased the land in 1928 and passed it on to their daughters with the understanding that it would never be logged.

Here is our video of our hike.

Hiking and Bigfooting In Kentucky!

Its time for another hiking and bigfooting outing ...and once again I'm taking you with me!
My wife and I are in the beautiful mountains of Southeast Kentucky, in Harlan county. We find some very interesting things along our journey. This area is one I'm familiar with and an area that has produced bigfoot tracks in the past.

The weather is great for getting outdoors and we could not wait to hit the mountains.

Here is the video:

Hey Gang, today I took a few hours to explore the mountains here in my beautiful state of Kentucky.
While out I of course was looking for bigfoot evidence but I was also our looking for ginseng. I managed to get into some very rough and steep areas, but I had a blast and enjoyed it.

I made a short video of today's adventure and I did fine a few interesting things.
Check out the video.

Back out in the woods in an area where I have had some interesting findings. Once again I wanted to test out my foot in a area that is a little rougher than the previous day. I've been pretty sick and wanted to push myself to see if I could hack it.

This area is a great place for numerous animals. It has an abundance of water sources and food sources.

Here is the video:

Okay, so due to a death in the family, followed by sickness and a gout attack I have been pretty much anchored at home for the last month or more. Well, after finally feeling some better I thought I would head out to one of my research areas and pick up a game camera I set out back in the first week of February.

I wanted to use this outing to check out my foot, as it is still having some pain issues from the gout attack. I also wanted to see if I would be okay in the mountains after having a bout with some kind of  allergy sickness that has had be down for a couple weeks.

I finally got a chance to do another Almost Live show. In this episode I go out to retrieval my game cams and look for some ginseng. The reason for the long delay was due to the fact I hurt my already sore leg and had to take almost 2 weeks off. So, it felt good to get back out there and test out the leg.
Once I got to the second and third game cams, I was surprised at what I saw.

Check out this episode

Welcome to another episode of Almost Live. This is episode 8 in the series. In this episode I'm in one of the roughest areas I have been in this year. The area was thick with briers and high weeds. The high weeds hid potholes and rocks. I actually re-injured my left leg and had to take several days off because of it. The leg is feeling much better so I may get to take another trip out before too long.

I found a few interesting things during this journey, including the above Rock Stack. Rock stacks are sometimes thought to be made by Bigfoot. I explain how and why this one was made. 

Hope you enjoy the episode.

Welcome to another episode of Almost Live. This is a very busy time of year for me. This is ginseng season. The time of year that I'm in the mountains more than normal. I do spend large amounts of time in the forest, but during ginseng season I'm out even more. I enjoy hunting ginseng and it gives me yet another reason to walk the mountains. It also gives me more opportunities to search for bigfoot related evidence. To travel into areas I normally do not get in but a couple times a year. It is a chance to learn more about nature, animals and bigfoot.

With that said, here is episode 7 of Almost Live, I hope you enjoy it.

Welcome to yet another episode of Almost Live. In this episode I was not feeling very good but I sure didn't want a nice day to pass me by. I covered a pretty large area hunting for ginseng and looking for possible bigfoot sign.  I did find some ginseng and some other things that you might find interesting.

Here is the episode.

Here is another Almost Live episode. On this particular day, this was my second outing of the day. Earlier in the day I had picked up my game cams from Area 1 and now was setting them in this new area. This is the area where I had recently found several stick formations.

In this episode I also show you several other interesting things from my neck of the woods. This post and the previous post go hand in hand. I recommend you watch them both.

Here is the episode, I hope you enjoy it.

My day started pretty early this morning. I headed out to retrieve my game cameras from area 1. The plan was to pick up the cams and then return home to see what was actual on the cameras and then head back out to another location. So, this was to be a quick in and out on the retrieval.

I documented the retrieval process and inserted the game cam captures in the video. One major bummer was that the Browning game cam malfunctioned and most of the videos were corrupted and were not viewable.  I actually have software that attempts to save the video, but it didn't work on the videos.

In any case, here is the short video of the retrieval and game cam captures.

Well, today was another fine adventure. I was able to return to the area where I recently found a couple of bigfoot structures. I really couldn't wait to get back into that area and check it out more. I had also found some pretty good ginseng in that area, so it was a double win that day.  Today did not disappoint at all. I was able to find several other bigfoot related things. If you want to actually learn about some of the behavior patterns of bigfoot, you really need to watch this episode of Almost Live and the previous episode. They are packed with findings of bigfoot behavior.
For me on a personal level, it is exciting to find all these structures. I like learning and finding new things.

Here is the episode, hope you enjoy it.

Okay, I'm back with another raw, uncut episode of Almost Live. This second episode is full of some very interesting things.This episode is much longer and much better, I think.
Any time I go out looking for ginseng, I also keep an eye out for any bigfoot related findings...and today I was not disappointed.

Check out this episode:

As some of you may know, when I go out in the field to conduct bigfoot research I can not "Go Live" because I really get back in the bush and don't have any cell phone signal. I know going live is a very popular thing among bigfoot researchers and fans of the subject. So, I thought I would create a new series entitled "Almost Live".  It will be the raw, 95 percent or more, unedited and uncut footage from some of my outings.

We make a big effort to share the majority of our research efforts with everyone. I know sometimes it is not very exciting and maybe even down right boring, but we share the good, the bad, and the boring. Sometimes we walk for miles looking for clues that bigfoot is in the area. Many times we don't find anything at all. This is a very large and difficult task that we are doing, but we love it even on slow or bad days.

With that said, here is the first episode of "Almost Live"

Even though I'm incredibly busy with numerous projects and normal life stuff, I manage to find time to conduct hands on research. On this outing, myself and Tony Felosi of  Harlan County Paranormal, spend several hours walking the mountains of Eastern Kentucky looking for evidence of Bigfoot.

We trek to an area where I have had success before and are not disappointed with what we find.

Check out this short video

Over the last week or two I got in a couple reports that I attempt to follow up on but on one I got no reply and on the other there was no contact information. One of the accounts might make you say "You saw a what?" ..hence the title of this post.

Here is the first sighting, which I'm thinking is a Bigfoot sighting. It comes from someone name Leanard, that is how it is spelled in the email. Here is what Leanard said "I saw something strange at Lorain metro park in Elyria (Photo of area above). I was hiking with granddaughter, stopped took picture of her. 10 minutes later I sat down at spot and spotted a black figure with left arm holding a tree. I had an a counter in early 80's down there!"

The above sighting is pretty vague and the area is fairly populated. I did a reply email in hopes of getting more details but I did not get any reply. One of the reason I'm sharing it is because this happened in a populated area and there is a chance someone else might have had a sighting in this area.

This next report is not a Bigfoot sighting but if the report is true then it is as rare as a Bigfoot sighting.

- Start Report -

Name: none anon
Email Address: none@anon
State: New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine
Date of Sighting: 30 years ago
Time of Day: evening
Nearest Town:
Length of Sighting: 5 minutes
How many Witnesses: 1
Any Photos/Videos:
Describe sighting in detail:
 I saw a Castoroides about thirty years ago.
He was about a foot from me and we were looking into each others eyes.
I am not giving you much to go on and a very general geographic area, but this is just a media site so don't want to submit an extremely rare animal to unwanted pressure. approx. 7-14 foot long
150-350 pounds 2.5-4 foot flat tail.
Thought you might enjoy a real cryptid sighing ; )

- End Report -

I'm sure if you told most people you saw a Castoroides, most people would be like "A What?"
Well, it sure is not something you hear about everyday.

A Casteroides, is just the fancy way of saying Giant Beaver. They are current listed as being extinct. These giant beavers were about 6-7 foot long and could way around 200 pounds. The first fossils of these giant beavers were found in a peat bog in Ohio in 1837. So seeing a giant beaver might more rare than seeing a Bigfoot.

As you can see from the giant beaver report, there was no contact information or even a name. I wanted to share it because, who knows what all is actually out there. We do know they were real as we have a good amount of fossils. Could there still be a few around? Maybe.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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Vacationing with Ghost
by Sharon Day

I just finished up reading Vacationing with Ghost by Sharon Day. I think, I read this book faster than I have any other book in recent memory, which is a testimony to the author for keeping me interested.

Day writes about her childhood days in her family's summer home. The local folks in the area are an interesting lot and Day does a good job capturing their appearances and personalities.

While reading the book, you get the feeling you are there, feeling the sand on the bottom of your feet, smelling the water or maybe the sounds of an approaching storm. Day does an excellent job at detailing the landscape and describing her feelings.

While this book is essentially a glance into Sharon Day's brushes with the spirit world as a youth growing up, it is also much more. It is a glimpse into her personal and family life that will bring back memories of the readers childhood.  Remember, before the Internet, how kids used their on imaginations and made up games to play. I for one, remember growing up and playing "Cops and Robbers". We would use our bikes and chase each other for hours. Kids don't seem to play like this nowadays, maybe they still should.

Vacationing with Ghost is filled with everything from creepy things to adventure to interesting people to pirate tales and more. Where the book really nails it down though, is the ending. I will not give it way but I can't think of any better way for this book to have ended.

I should also note a couple other things about the book that some might find interesting. Firstly, the book has quite a few pictures which really lends to the story and Secondly, there are some actual home cooking recipes after the ending. If you're like me, the recipes will come in handy.

So in closing, I can say I truly enjoyed the book and enjoyed learning more about Sharon Day and her family. I recommend you give the book a read, especially if you are interested in ghost and have a sense of adventure.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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Face To Face With A Legend
Behind The Creation of J.M. Bailey’s "Eve"

TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

Have you ever wondered what’s behind the creation of a good story? Where it came from and what it took to breathe life into it? I’ve seen quite a few stories about bigfoot or bigfoot-type creatures, and I was disappointed nearly every time. They were mostly just horror stories about a creature on a killing spree. A monster of folklore. Not the sasquatch we’ve come to understand and love through research and observance.

So when I read "Eve" by J.M. Bailey I was awestruck. Finally a story that presented a little magic and wonder to the idea of our hairy friends. No evil monsters here. Just something closer to what we all believe them to be: peaceful, tolerant, and possibly possessing a sense of "humanity." In this story, set in the wilderness of northern California, the main character, Anna, finds herself stranded in a remote area of the mountains. And as she struggles with her survival situation of washed out roads from torrential rains, she comes up against a legend she’d always imagined, but never dared to think she would ever see.
The Crypto Crew - Submit Sighting - TCC Team
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